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About JC Carpet Repair Dynamic History Call or Text 443-844-7883

Hello & welcome to JC Carpet Repair @ We believe it is not by accident that you have found us. An accident may have occurred to your carpet, thus the reason you’re here. We will share a brief history of JC Carpet Repair and hope as a result you feel that you are in good hands with our company. 

We have installed, sold, cleaned, repaired, restored color & dyed carpets for over 40 years. In addition we opened a web store. Selling carpet related cleaning, dyeing, & maintenance equipment, as well as manufacturing color restoration products for carpets. Our customer base was global and to countries like Greece, Africa, Russia, Japan just to name a few.

Stared installing for local companies in Baltimore and  worked on jobs when the revitalization of Baltimore City Harbor Place took place. This allowed me to work on jobs like the Hyatt Regency and one of the first Malls in the country, Columbia Mall.Other projects included the development of Columbia MD, Hunt Valley Mall, & other communities like Owings Mills.


In the early 80s we began JC Carpet Service. From this point forth, We sold, cleaned, & installed carpet using Shaw Industries, Philadelphia Carpet, and many of the major carpet distributors.  Since that time period, I have served families, businesses, and housing developments with our service. We performed public works for the City of Baltimore. 

Tenants:  Currently JC carpet repairs current clients are renters of homes or condo’s that had the misfortune of a pet damaging the carpet in the house they do not own. Now they are about to move on to another home and have their security deposit in jeopardy. With hundreds even thousands of dollars at stake you are going to want an expert that knows what he is doing to fix this. A carpet person with a few years experience will not get you the results you need.  

Realtors  How many listings do you get where either the carpet in a room has wrinkles in it or worse yet a pet accident or stain of some sort? Your going to be showing this house to potential buyers in a very competitive market and you know that last thing a buyers wants to do is worry about replacing the carpet when they move in. Worse yet it will more then likely be a house the buyers will just pass over. First put our number in your contacts. Second  make sure the customer understands the importance of first impressions.  If he wants to sell and get top price for his property. 

Restrech wrinkles not replace

How come my carpet has wrinkles? Well the question is how are you getting them out? Replace carpet? Now we can do what should have been done when the carpet was installed. Rest assured you can now put the house on the market with confidence.See before & after pictures. Call or Text 443 844-7883

Pet Accidents

Getting ready to sell or move from your rental. One week before your pet decides to tear up carpet? Deposit on the line. This customer found themselves in that place. Carpet repaired, deposit and walkthrough all perfect. Call or Text 443-844-7883

Color Red Spots Removed

Red Spots wine or kool ade or even Nail Polish. We have process that can take the spot out without patching or replacing. Picture was Red Nail Polish on off white carpet. Abra Cadabra. Call or text 443-844-7883

Carpet & Padding Affordable

New carpet for the home sale or replace for the new tenant? Affordable not prices that will break the bank but allow you to spend on other repairs. Always the best prices. 6lb or 8lb padding. Using only the best. Call or Text 443-844-7883

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